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Better Animal Health.
From Japan, Together for the World.

Meiji Animal Health is a veterinary health company built on compassion, innovation, and collaboration. Learn more about our approach to building a healthier future for all.


Quality Care, Built on Innovation and Compassion. Supporting Japan’s Animal Health Industry for Over 70 Years.


One Health, Shared by Humans and Animals.

We believe animal, human, and environmental health share a deep connection. When we improve the health of one, we all benefit. That’s why Meiji Animal Health emphasizes the concept of One Health: a comprehensive approach that addresses infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and other global health issues—to better the quality of life for all.

Reliable Products for a Wide Range of Species. Providing Safe, Comfortable, and Healthy Outcomes for a Broad Spectrum of Animal Species, from Livestock to Companion Animals.

Comprehensive Expertise, from Prevention to Treatment.

We are always innovating new solutions with our advanced, in-house technologies to expand our lineup of vaccines, antibiotics, insecticides, and more.

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Grow your reach, accomplish your goals—our in-licensing services are designed to open the doors to new markets in Japan and throughout the Asia region.


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Our out-licensing services lend new solutions, innovations, and products tailored to the specific needs of your region to help your organization expand its existing markets.


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We encourage collaboration because working together is the key to building a healthier, sustainable future for all. Contact us anytime.