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Our out-licensing services help our partners unlock the untapped potential of their existing markets and regions. They achieve newfound growth when we combine our comprehensive support systems with the distribution rights to our advanced technologies, products, and innovations.

Partnering with us also means gaining the stability, quality, and brand recognition that Meiji Animal Health has cultivated over the years in Japan. Together, we extend this foundation of trust and reliability to your region, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that enhances the health and well-being of animals and humans worldwide.

We specialize in your success

We specialize in a wide range of categories, supporting the success of our partners with broad solutions that advance veterinary medicine on a global scale.

Comprehensive product coverage

Our products cover everything from prevention to treatment, including antibiotics, analgesics, nutritional supplements, and many more.

In-house development

We deliver quality, trust, and reliability by developing a wide range of technologies, products, and solutions in-house and sharing those innovations with our partners.

A track record of success

The success and experience we've gained exporting and selling to overseas partners through our in-licensing services makes us the perfect partner to achieve your business goals.

Strength lies in research and development of vaccines for livestock.

Our research and development for livestock vaccines deliver new innovations for better animal health to regions around the world.

Extensive capabilities for different needs

Our total support system ensures your business has the resources necessary to navigate all complex regulatory, manufacturing, and sales procedures.


Provide a stable supply of products including all academic and development source information necessary for distributors to effectively bring products to market.

Technical support

From start to finish, our team of experts ensure a seamless transition to market with in-person or remote guidance on manufacturing and distribution methods.

Regulatory services

Leverage our deep regulatory experience to support local registration procedures and fulfill all licensing requirements.

Patent acquisition

Conduct all licensing procedures to obtain patents for vaccine strains or other products.

Our growing product portfolio

Explore a few of our out-licensing achievements for products ranging from antimicrobials and disinfectants to feed additives offered throughout the Asia region.

China 2019
Feed additive containing bacillus subtilis BN

Thailand 2007
Disinfectant containing didecyldimethylammonium chloride

Indonesia 2018
An oral antibacterial agent for chickens containing ofloxacin

Interested to learn more? Explore our extensive product lineup showcasing other categories open to future out-licensing services.

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For us, collaboration means establishing mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, open communication, and a shared commitment to learning from one another. Your expertise in understanding the distinct needs of your customers—and the products, strategies, and services that resonate with them—is invaluable to us.

We're excited to explore growth opportunities with diverse partners who excel in manufacturing, distribution, or sales of the product category they wish to license. Let's connect. Together, we can align our visions to deliver advancements in animal and human health on a global scale.