Our Innovations Support Healthier
Lives for All.

For us, innovation means an investment in our future. The safety, efficacy, and reliability of our offerings are designed to support healthier lives now, and for generations to come.

We follow the One Health approach, recognizing the bond between animal and human health. This approach guides us as we leverage our innovative technologies to deliver products and services that enhance our shared health and well-being.

Our solutions are new and inventive. They transcend borders, originating in Japan and reaching around the world. Our mission is global because acting ethically—for the good of animals, humans, and the planet—is more than an individual effort. Together, we create strong partnerships that shape a sustainable future that benefits all.

Advanced Technologies and
Capabilities. Always Improving.

Our core strengths

Our advanced, in-house technologies are a core element of all our business operations. We have utilized original culture technology and genetic recombination techniques to pioneer effective vaccines for a wide range of species, including cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, dogs, and cats.

Animal welfare and efficacy are key throughout the entire development process. A point of pride for us is the creation of combination vaccines, which combine multiple antigens into a single administration, reducing animal stress and minimizing the labor burden on animal health practitioners.

After development and manufacturing, our deep knowledge of regulatory and application procedures expedites the transition to market for all our products. We're able to uphold the highest standards of safety, quality, and reliability in the early stages, while later ensuring seamless and effective commercialization.

Industry-leading techniques for safety and quality

01Culture and purification technology for bacteria and viruses

Our extensive range of bacterial culture technologies allows us to extract pure culture at scales suitable for laboratories, up to production levels, with volumes reaching several thousand liters. Notably, for Salmonella, we have achieved the successful identification and purification of LPS (Lipopolysaccharides) in the bacterial cell membrane for the immunogenic antigen.

For viruses, our expertise includes viral cultivation using culture cells of mammals and birds, to the cultivation of chicken viruses using embryonated eggs. We have also succeeded in extracting and purifying virus particles and viral components from cultures, enabling us to identify substances useful for vaccines and diagnostics.

Recently, we have employed genetic recombinant technology to extract large quantities of useful proteins from bacteria and viruses, which we then apply to vaccine antigens and diagnostics. These techniques have advanced our current development of multiple vaccines that fight infectious diseases in pigs and poultry.

02Technology for vaccine production

We prioritize the well-being of all animals benefiting from our vaccines, employing advanced technologies to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. Throughout our processes, from the earliest stages of designing and drug development to antigen production and the final product, we adhere to the rigorous guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Additionally, we carefully consider formulations, including the precise selection of all adjuvants, which are substances that enhance the vaccine's effectiveness. Our specialized analytic techniques then further confirm we not only meet, but exceed quality, safety, and efficacy standards at every level.

03Expert capabilities, from development to manufacturing and marketing

We use our technology to organize and analyze data at all stages, from designing and implementing laboratory and field tests to confirming the efficacy of vaccines and antibacterial drugs. Then, we streamline the entire commercialization process, crafting applications that adhere to all laws and regulations, to bring products to market swiftly and securely.

Main products


After we successfully identified LPS as the protective antigen in Salmonella, we obtained a patent for the vaccine containing LPS without whole cells (OILVAX S3), which reduces Salmonella contamination in chicken eggs. By utilizing LPS extracted from bacterial cells as the main ingredient, we developed this highly safe vaccine that effectively lowers side effects, such as swelling, in chickens.


OILVAX 7R is an oil vaccine designed to protect against multiple poultry diseases. It contains antigens from two strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus, Newcastle disease virus, egg drop syndrome virus, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, and Avibacterium paragallinarum (Ap) serotype A and C. To develop this vaccine, we identified and patented the specific antigens needed for immunity against Ap serotype A and C, and then combined them into a single recombinant antigen, also patented. This recombinant antigen, along with a unique adjuvant composition, allows this groundbreaking vaccine to sustain long-term immunity with just a single vaccination.


Transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) and porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) are highly lethal, viral infections that cause acute gastrointestinal symptoms in newborn pigs. SUIMMUGEN TGE/PED is a combination vaccine for sows designed to induce immunity against these viruses via breast milk. This live vaccine uses attenuated strains created from clinical isolates of each virus through multiple passages in porcine kidney cells and Vero cells.


SUIMMUGEN rART2/ER is an effective vaccine that protects swine from atrophic rhinitis (AR) and erysipelas (ER). By employing genetic recombinant technology, we successfully expressed non-toxic agents from the dermonecrotic toxins (PMT and DNT), the primary causes of AR, as well as surface protective antigens from Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, the cause of ER, in E. coli. This vaccine utilizes purified antigens derived from the expressed antigens as its active ingredient. Due to its recombinant nature, this vaccine eliminates the structural component of the causative bacteria, achieving a notable reduction in adverse reactions among breeding sows.

Innovative Solutions Begin
with New Partnerships.

Why partner with us?

At Meiji Animal Health, we embrace the spirit of collaboration. It's about fostering open communication and freely sharing our knowledge and innovations with our partners, while also valuing the lessons we can learn from them.

Partnering with us provides an opportunity to develop, or co-create, products and services that truly make a difference in enhancing global health. We support mutually beneficial growth by providing access to our innovative technology, funding, and the Meiji Group's extensive sales channels.

Collaboration thrives on honesty, integrity, and trust. We seek like-minded partners who share these principles and align with the SDGs, the One Health approach, and the mission to build healthier lives worldwide.

Categories that interest us

We actively pursue partnerships in these categories, but we know fresh perspectives drive innovation. Have a unique proposition beyond these areas? Share your ideas with us and we'll explore it together.

  • Vaccines

  • Insecticides

  • Feed additives

  • Antibody drugs

  • Cell therapy

  • New modalities or

Let's connect

We're always looking for prospective partners representing a wide variety of backgrounds and professions—from government and academic organizations to startups. Our partners have the opportunity to work with our R&D team, the Meiji Group, or utilize our robust in-licensing or out-licensing services, which offer strong mutual growth opportunities in your region, or ours. This invitation also extends to current partners who are interested in exploring novel R&D ventures, in-licensing, or out-licensing agreements that uncover new markets and opportunities.

Interested? Let's build a healthy future for animals, people, and the planet together.