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Our in-licensing services ensure a smooth journey to commercialization for your products. From manufacturing and application to approval, sales, and marketing, we handle every stage, expanding the reach and impact of your business.

No matter the product—veterinary medicines, APIs, vaccines, and more—we have the resources to transform your goals into a market reality. With the expertise and local relationships we've built over the years, your products can thrive not only in Japan but throughout the entire Asia region.

Our strengths make a difference

We have a proven record of success providing medicine for a wide range of animal species, tackling drug-resistant bacteria, and acting with honesty, care, and swiftness when delivering those products to market.

Comprehensive product coverage

We handle products that cover everything from prevention to treatment, including antibiotics, analgesics, nutritional supplements, feed additives, and many more.

A wide range of animal species

Our products and services deliver better health for a wide range of animal species, from livestock to fish and companion animals.

Tackling AMR

All of our actions as a company treat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with the care and attentiveness required to reduce its impact.

Effective sales strategies

We have over 70 years of experience in creating effective sales, marketing, and promotional strategies for veterinary medicines and other products.

A brand built on trust

Your company can achieve its business goals by leveraging the Meiji brand, widely trusted throughout Japan and other regions in Asia.

Your success starts with our experience

Throughout the entire regulatory and commercialization journey to a successful end, we have the capabilities to make your products thrive in new, growing markets.

Trials and applications

Conduct clinical trials and craft precise regulatory applications to register your product.

Regulatory services

Accurate data collection, application processing, and fast response times to government agencies to effectively manufacture, market, and gain approval for your products.


Act as a reliable import partner for your products.

Sales and commercialization

Leverage sales agents within our own organization, and those we work with throughout Japan, to promote and market your products with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

After-sales support

Perform thorough after sales customer follow-ups to ensure your products meet and exceed expectations.

Our extensive product portfolio

Application, registration, and marketing experience matters when bringing your product to market. Explore our in-licensing accomplishments in delivering new products to the Japanese market here.

Medetomidine sedative analgesic injection and atipamezole antagonist injection for dogs and cats

Imported from Europe

Cattle Salmonella bivalent vaccine

Imported from North America

Marbofloxacin antibacterial injection for cattle and swine

Imported from Europe

Alfaxalone anesthetic injectable induction for dogs and cats

Imported from Oceania

Florfenicol antibacterial injection for cattle

Imported from Europe

Porcine edema disease vaccine

Imported from Europe

Interested to learn more? Explore our extensive product lineup showcasing other categories open to future in-licensing services.

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We'll fully support your company's efforts to build and communicate your brand in our region, whether that means hosting seminars, or co-creating effective sales strategies. By working together, we can offer a stable supply of unique products and services that make your vision for future business growth a reality.

Sharing knowledge, information, and ideas not only creates new, mutually beneficial opportunities for growth but also contributes to a sustainable, healthier future for all. Reach out anytime. We're excited to build something great together.