Reliability Assurance Policy

Developing veterinary medicines for animal and human health

We provide food safety and security through the health of livestock and aquatic animals, and support human health by improving the health of companion animals. To this end, we continue our research and development while providing the high-caliber manufacturing management and supply of all products we handle, including veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed-related products. Additionally, our prompt and accurate information disclosure offers a reliable system of communication for our customers.

As a member of the Meiji Group, we believe that by working together we can make tomorrow healthier for people around the world. We support our customers and earn their trust through continuous product research and development under the Meiji Group Slogan, "Now Ideas for Wellness."

Course of actions

  • We comply with relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations.
    We conduct periodic inspections to ensure no discrepancies occur between the written process on the certificate of approval and the actual manufacturing and testing processes.
  • We constantly improve product and information quality by implementing the PDCA cycle in accordance with our quality management system.
  • We regularly provide education and training to all employees. Each employee acquires, maintains, and improves their high levels of awareness, knowledge, and skills.

Reliability Assurance Guidelines

Meiji Animal Health's Reliability Assurance Guidelines were established under the Reliability Assurance Policy. It assures the reliability of our company by acting as the foundation for all company documents and practices, including our adherence to the GxP compliance general rules and procedures. These guidelines also act as the basis of our internal reliability assurance activities and manufacturer management approaches.

figure of the reliability assurance system

Quality Management System

Each division of the company sets its own goals and creates action plans, and implements them accordingly, further strengthening the reliability of our products, information, and documents. In this system, the officer responsible for pharmaceutical affairs implements the PDCA cycle to achieve continuous improvement.

Quality Management Review

Regular advancements in the quality management system are accomplished by implementing the PDCA cycle, and ensuring the quality management review corresponds to the A (action) part of the PDCA cycle. The review is conducted based on the results and information obtained from the P (plan), D (do), and C (check) steps of PDCA, which leads into the P (plan) section of the next PDCA cycle. This cycle streamlines and optimizes our quality management system, enhancing all aspects of our organization.

figure of the PDCA cycle for quality management

Risk Management

Meiji Animal Health holds manufacturing and marketing approval for many veterinary medicines and medical devices. For these items, the officer responsible for pharmaceutical affairs and the manufacturing and marketing general manager evaluate necessary information on manufacturing sites, social conditions, regulatory trends, and the certificate of approval recommendations to reduce risks, which include the change in quality and occurrence of defective drugs. If necessary, the officer and the manager will take preventive measures. If defects occur, they will promptly create countermeasures, share them with relevant parties, and implement them to minimize the impact. We also implement appropriate risk management practices for all products we purchase and sell, including those other than veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed-related products.

Safety Management System

Meiji Animal Health minimizes safety risks by collecting necessary safety management information, such as adverse reaction information, related to the veterinary medicines we deliver to customers. Another part of this process includes prompt, objective evaluation and review of such information to provide the instructions necessary to ensure the proper use of our products.

We also improve the safety and reliability of our products by providing veterinary professionals with information from post-marketing surveillance.